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Contents INTRODUCTION 2 SITUATION ANALYSIS 3 COMPANY DESCRIPTION 3 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 3 MARKETING ENVIRONMENTS 4 SWOT ANALYSIS 7 STP 8 MAKETING MIX STRATEGIES 12 Product 12 Price 13 Place 14 Promotion 15 OBJECTIVES 16 Organizational Objectives 16 Financial Objectives 16 Marketing Objectives 16 MARKETING STRATEGIES 16 Target Market 16 Positioning 17 SWOT Matrix (Table) 18 MARKETING MIX STRATEGY 19 Product 19 Price 20 Place 21 Promotion 22 ACTION PROGRAM 24 ACTION CONTROLS 24 References 26 Appendix
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Ltd. 2012). Food and Beverage is still the forte of Lotte Group and has a stable development in the global market especially Japan, China, Russia and Vietnam. In 2011, Lotte had earned ¥522.0 billion in total (Lotte Co. Ltd. 2012).
Lotte entered Vietnam market with their forte – food and beverage. However, it is not until December 2008 that Lotte started investing into Vietnamese market, with the establishment of the first Lotte Mart in Ho Chi Minh City. In Vietnam, with KFC, Lotteria is the main player in fast-food franchising business (Tuoi Tre 2012).
Lotte’s mission is to create high – quality services and products contributing to an abundant life for their customers through creativity exploration and challenge confrontation.
According to Lotteria 2012, Lotteria is the leader in the Korean fast-food industry with 550 billion won sales in 2009. Firstly appeared in Vietnam in 1998, yet Lotteria is not popular till the entrance of bulgogi burger in 2004 (Lotteria 2012). According to Tuoi Tre 2012, Lotteria is the owners of more than 120 shops across the country, aiming to open 140 stores by the end of 2012. Entering Vietnam market, as the similarity in dining culture as well as Asian taste, Loterria Vietnam quickly attracts the taste of Vietnamese by the outstanding flavour of modern Korean fast-food. With the stable

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