Louis Pojman`s Perspective of Morality

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As we all believe that there is no absolute right or wrong thing in our world. We judge things right or wrong simply base on some other things which are relatively right or wrong things. However, in our moral world, there do exist some rules that most of us would agree with and think it should be the moral thing such that everyone deserves to be respected. In this paper, I will discuss Louis Pojman`s perspective of view on the “Captive Pursuit”.
In Louis Pojman`s “Who`s to Judge” article, he thinks that there do exist universally- accepted moral principles “based on a common human nature” and “a need to solve conflicts of interest and flourish”(Pojman 250). And he thinks while there are some relative differences when people act under the universally accepted moral guidelines, the morality itself is always the same in different societies. In the article, Pojman first talks about the ethical relativism which is that there is no “universally valid moral principle”. The principles are moral only because they are valid relative to the culture or individual choice. And he discuss the “diversity thesis” and “dependency thesis” of ethical relativism. The “diversity thesis” which claims that moral rules differ from society to society. Hence, there are no moral principles accepted by all societies. However, according to Pojman, there do have some moral rules accepted by all societies which are not considered to have objective status. On the other hand, the” dependency thesis” is that

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