Louis Xiv the Sun King Absolute Rule

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Louis XIV the Sun King’s Absolute Rule Louis XIV is one of the most famous examples of an absolute ruler. Louis had a complete control over his country. Louis’s father had died leaving France in a civil war. Louis XIV obtained power after his father died and through hatred over the nobility that threatened his life and his mothers, though Cardinal Mazarin ruled until Louis XIV took power after Mazarin’s death. He vowed he would never be so weak that he could not have power. Louis XIV was an absolute ruler of France he centralized government, military powers, taxation, and further weakened aristocracy to become a more powerful ruler. In 1661 Cardinal Mazarin died. He was the main adviser to the throne and ruled France until Louis…show more content…
Since many Huguenots belonged to the merchant and artisan classes, they took their knowledge and skills with them. Louis had high control over the economy of France during his reign. This decision may be the worst mistake of his reign. Louis controlled France, the most powerful country in Europe. The army was an estimated 100,000 in times of peace, and 400,000 during war. This vast army outnumbered many surrounding countries. Six years after Mazarin’s death Louis XIV invaded the Spanish Netherlands. France ended this war with the Treaty of Nijmegen. After many wars, countries in Europe had formed an alliance which matched France’s strength. With many wars France had started to lose money on these wars, as a result Louis had once again raised taxes on the French people. Louis XIV was extremely engaged in the sport of war. After the king of Spain died, a prior engagement stated the grandson of Louis XIV would become king of Spain. This conflict led to the War of Spanish Succession. This was the most costly war France had engaged in almost bankrupting the country. The war ended where Louis’s grandson would become king of Spain, but the crowns of Spain and France would not be allowed to combine power. After many costly wars, tax raises, and bad harvests Louis became unpopular with the people of France. Louis had a taste for luxury and
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