Love Canal

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Angela Donohue Tamara Heinemann Env-226-201 7 May 2013 Tragedy at the Love Canal A quite family neighborhood would awake one day to find themselves the center of one of the most devastating environmental disasters of all time. Originally designed as a dream community and named for William Love the owner of the tract of land in Niagara Falls, New York it would later become a life and law changing event. When the original plans for the canal were considered it was thought to be an economical way to bring a cheap source of power to the would be development, but William Love struggled to find the path he needed to turn his dreams into a reality. By 1920 the land was turned…show more content…
These are the two types of response actions CERCLA is authorized to carry out. 1. Removal actions. These are typically short-term response actions, where actions may be taken to address releases or threatened releases requiring prompt response. Removal actions are classified as: (1) emergency; (2) time-critical; and (3) non-time critical. Removal responses are generally used to address localized risks such as abandoned drums containing hazardous substances, and contaminated surface soils posing acute risks to human health or the environment. 2. Remedial actions. These are usually long-term response actions. Remedial actions seek to permanently and significantly reduce the risks associated with releases or threats of releases of hazardous substances which are serious, but lack the time-criticality of removal actions, and include such measures as preventing the migration of pollutants and neutralizing toxic substances. These actions can be conducted only at sites listed on the EPA National Priorities List (NPL) in the United States and the territories. Since the birth of The Superfund Act there has been a fair amount of controversy in its effectiveness of hazardous waste site cleanup, but upon my research it appears to have had a great deal of success in the execution of its laws. Although each new administration brings a change of funding, or lack thereof, the EPA fights on
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