True Love In Titanic

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Far out in the chilling temperatures and climate of the Atlantic Ocean, where the creations of mother nature bring out the best and worst of human nature, a ship of prodigious size and feet sets the stage for a maxim that defines the actions of humans. The 1997 film, Titanic, it is shown greatly on how true love can affect someone. A girl named Rose who is depressed meets this spontaneous character named Jack. Jack and Rose are from very different worlds and of opposite social classes. They both are voyaging on the Titanic in which is where they meet and where Jack gives her his all to save her in every way possible. In his film Titanic, James Cameron uses the elements of a damsel in distress along with the hero throughout the film to convey that we as humans can conquer fear with true love because love provides us with comfort and the feel of safety when fear takes that away.
The damsel in distress, showed in the movie Titanic, was deeply depressed and mentally trapped in her world. This was a world in which she didn’t want to be included in. She was trapped in an abusive soon to be marriage and her mother spoke to her in the same way a director directs a movie but instead Rose was that movie. Rose had lost her sanity. She decided that suicide was the answer. Jack Dawson; the hero, swashbuckler pulled her from the outside of the ship to save her and showed her he truly cared about her. Her fiancé and mother had been dragging her through a life she despised of. She

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