Love Is a Gifted Token Gradually Accepted by a Fragile Heart Essay

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Within this world where love is a gifted token gradually accepted by the fragile heart, love itself is a power, a blessing in all its glory. For love brings the beauty of the ripest fruit and carries the whispers of lustrous eves.
Yet within such a delicate world, love itself is often a curse; thorns that prick the careless skin left bare from the worlds impurity. Ripened fruit will surely sour and become distasteful upon indulgence. Love itself will perish and it’s budding will come to an unsatisfying end. But should love truly be allowed to become a futility? A hopeless clutch that the weak and poor are grazed by?
This is the story of an undying love, a world created just for the two of them; The girl who wondered into the forest, and …show more content…

The young man appeared to be loitering, his dulled eyes occupied by the presence of the trees finery. Yet what proceeded next was somewhat of a curiosity for the trees and their gnarled and lifeless branches. The man had outstretched his withdrawn hand and began tracing the barks imperfections. ‘What a pretty tree that accompanies me.’ His voice had resonated the woods composure for the man had spoken with the kindest of lips; soft and sweet yet untampered by bitterness. The woods itself was grazed by such tenderness, for it was used to the silence a lifeless being endures. However this raggedy man’s eyes lacked the tenderness his hands had created. They were dull, impassive . The young man reached behind his back, a place where a woods with such short sightedness could not see. The man brought his hand forward. Within his feeble hand was an axe. ‘That beauty you own, I will create you into the perfect gift for my love.’ He said as his axe was swung from loving and delicate hands.
And thus the woods remembered the boy who once lived amongst the trees. It appeared he had returned, but this time as a woodcutter.

Many years ago, living within the woods was a boy who craved the comfort of another humans touch. He would watch the villagers from afar as they trespassed the outskirts of the woods. In his early youth, the boy would view humans through the optimistic and pure eyes a child possesses. He would try to greet

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