Love Shack Narrative

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In the previous story, my wife Kathy had her first experience in an adult store, then we found out that her adventure was videoed. The security guy sort of blackmailed her into a sexual encounter with me watching as he violated her in various ways. After the encounter with Gary our friendly security guy you would have expected Kathy to never go back to the Love Shack. Much to my surprise, she wanted to go back, at first, to verbally attack Amber the store clerk for setting her up to be blackmailed by Gary. While brushing her long blond hair Kathy couldn’t get Amber out of her mind, she really wanted to blast her for what she did. Another part of her wanted to look her best for Amber for some reason, so she put on her best frilly push-up bra …show more content…

Amber slowly started moving her hand under Kathy’s skirt, inching ever so close to Kathy’s now moist pussy. Kathy, forgetting where she was started undoing her skirt, she wanted Amber to suck her now aching pussy. As her skirt fell to the floor Amber knelt down in front of Kathy and pulled her panties down revealing her wet blonde bush and the wonderful aroma of Sensuous perfume. Her tongue went directly to Kathy’s clit and began darting around until it was stiff. Amber started sucking her clit gently, then inserted a finger, all Kathy could hear was her juices sloshing as the finger probed in and out. She finally came like she has never come before, her whole body convulsed in ecstasy as Amber continued to suck her clit. She lost count of how many orgasms as her legs began to spasm, and she had to steady herself to keep from falling. “Damn Amber that was fantastic, you really know how to pleasure me.” “You’re not so bad yourself.” As Kathy was putting her skirt back on, Kathy reminded Amber to delete any video of the two of them, “We wouldn’t want Gary to see that

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