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Ofchorus I Love to Sing
I reapplied my red lipstick and stepped out on stage with my unbiological sisters.
It all started in elementary school, I and every other kid were forced to take choir, P.E, and Art at least once a week, and choir was always my favorite class. I always tried out for the little speaking parts in the plays, but when I transitioned into middle school, it was different. Instead of being separated girls from boy singing parts, I became a Soprano and auditions for solos were different. Before, everyone got their own part to be fair, but it then became a competition for one spot. Seventh grade was when I got my first solo, there were at least 10 of us trying out for it. We sang the lines assigned and our teacher cut off students
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I knew no one at all and had to make all knew friends. I continued with chorus, but it was a completely different ball game. It was really hard at first, not knowing anyone and being all of sudden in a much more advanced class. Guys and girls had separate class periods and I was no longer a soprano, I became a soprano 1, expected to be able to hit the highest notes which wasn't always easy. I had to learn to sight read, know key signatures, intervals and a lot more that I was never taught before. Although I was behind many and didn't know anyone I was accepted into this huge family, who I now love more than anything and don't know what I would do without. For almost a whole semester at the beginning of each year we learn huge piles of Christmas music, that we perform before the holiday at a magnificent church in our dress code. Yes, a dress code because this is the big leagues now. No more T-shirts and jeans, but a long expensive black dress, tights, ballet slippers, red lipstick, almost no jewelry, no nail polish and hair up in a bun. Thanks to our amazing teachers we've gone to state every year and two years in a row now we’ve gotten a choir distinction, which is the best one can get and is very hard to accomplish and we've done exactly that. Nothing could possibly describe me better than Chorus. I live for applying my red lipstick, slipping on that long
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