My Experience Of Music

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I have studied music before at SFA. I believe I was a sophomore in High school and a freshman in college at the time. However, I have only taken one course in my college education and technically I am a senior. The course was MUS 140: Intro to Art Music with Mr. Lagraff. He was a very intelligent professor and I enjoyed learning music from him. We went through the different eras of music, learning about Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, and other important composers of those times. The experience was great in my eyes because he would notify us about going to musical concerts at SFA. The concerts were rather interesting and the music played by other students was well rehearsed. Going back to Elementary, I cannot recall the name of my music teacher but she was a sweet lady with short hair who had every student play the accordion. If could not purchase one she gave one to you because she really wanted everyone in the music class to participate and learn the music. She also awarded prizes to everyone who memorized certain songs that got harder as you successfully played them to her, and of course I was one of the few students who actually practiced all the songs. Another thing I remember about my elementary music experience was joining the choir. I loved this experience because even though I could not sing I loved to sing. One of my favorite moments was when we had a choir performance after school and everyone in the program practiced so hard for it. I don’t remember all the songs but I

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