Love in The Odyssey Essay

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How does love govern a family? It governs husbands to return to their wives, to go on a journey to home. We have all been on a journey. A journey, however, does not usually include coming home. The Odyssey is Odysseus’s journey home to his family. Home is where the family is. While the relationship in a healthy family is communication, there are some instances in the Odyssey where there is an unhealthy relationship. In the Odyssey, are the families that are portrayed ‘rooted and grounded in love?” The loving relationship of family had valuable impact on Odysseus, that he made the journey home, while other families became scattered.
Odysseus loves his family and desires to return despite his act with the nymph Calypso and Circe. At the …show more content…

Athena also spoke of father and sons as. “Few sons are like their fathers: most are worse, a few excel their parents.” As shown the role of fatherhood is significant, just as the quest of the son is to learn from his father
The son of the Odysseus, though he has never seen his father, valiantly defends and believes that he is not dead. He also tries to step into his father’s shoes. He is inexperienced, nonetheless. Yet, this is soon resolved though interactions with Athena and his journey to Pylos and Sparta. Telemachos does not have just hope that his father is alive, but sound faith. We as Christians in the same manner, have faith that our Heavenly Father will come someday to take us home to eternal felicity, our eternal family. In addition, In the Odyssey, we see how the family regards growing up. As head man of his father’s estate Telemachos regards his mother with courtesy and respect. He does, however, rebuke her at times. When she comes down from her bedchamber moved by a barb’s song to tears, Telemachos reprimands her, saying if she did not wish to hear the song, she should go to her own quarters. Thus, Telemachos assets growing into adulthood by the way he interacts with his mother, taking control of the relationship.
In the same

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