Lower Social Status

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Depending on one’s racial minority it could be said that their lower social status would influence their health and longevity due to their lack of funding and social stigma that is created by this. If one has wealth and it can be used to get the best of everything even healthcare then it can be said that they would have a longer lifespan. An example of this could be a person of racial minority or lower social status develops cancer. The care that they would be able to afford or obtain isn’t within their limits. They couldn’t travel to the big regional centers that possess the latest treatment and current breakthroughs. On the other hand the wealthy individual would have the funds and even the means to obtain and even travel any distance to…show more content…
There is also an association with one’s race and their social economic status. This is created by historical events, stigmas and stereotypes that have been created sometimes makes it had to surpass what society has established sometimes based on statics and history. This would be something as simple as a child who is born and rise in the so called “projects” and they are labeled from the start. These children grow into adults who still are labeled with the racial minority or lower social status. Once this is established it is hard to change and most likely has an impact on one’s lifespan. Once could say that upper status could lead to a person living longer because they are treated differently when they get medical care. I experienced this first hand as someone I know worked and had really good insurance when they went to a specialist because they were injured they got top notch treatment. Due to the injury the person lost their job, insurance and had to get Medicaid. The person went to that same specialist and now with State funded insurance and the doctor treated this person so differently and the care wasn’t even close as to the previous encounter with that same
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