Lower Teacher Expectations And Stereotypes

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Lower teacher expectations and stereotypes

Lower teacher expectations have been recognised to limit pupil’s progress in education. Teachers are not pushing ethnic minority pupil to achieve their potential. Ethnic minority groups are mostly entered for foundation tier GCSE examinations which then restricts the grade that can be achieved (REMI). This is through lower teacher expectations. Lower teacher expectations lead to pupils performing less than their capabilities.

Wright (1992 p. 27 cited in Foster, Gomm and Hammersley, 1996) provides a clear example of teachers not pushing pupil to achieve well due to the child’s ethnic background.

“They [White teachers] have got this way of talking to them [Asian pupil] in a really simple way… cutting half the sentences ‘Me no do that’ sort of thing… and that is not standard English. And they’ve [teachers] got this way of saying words ‘That naughty’ and they miss words out and it really does seem stupid”.

This demonstrates the practices and teaching in schools. The case study relates to how ethnic minorities may face barriers to education at school. The teacher is the one who holds power and influences upon all the pupil in the classroom. Teachers who hold such low expectations of pupil specifically create these. Stereotypes in which other (White) pupil in the classroom would make the lower group feel bad about themselves. This stereotype led by the teacher would continue to spread by the pupil’s. This example led by the

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