Essay on Lowering Drinking Age

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As a society, we have always been taught that you could not have an alcoholic drink till your twenty one. But there are people out there that think that we should lower that age to eight teen. A group of 129 college presidents are actually asking that there at least be a discussion to the argument (Lewis et al, 2008). They think that it would stop all the underage drinking at colleges and would teach kids at an early age how to handle alcohol (Lewis et al, 2008). In my option lowering it would not help all the problems we have with alcohol. I feel that it would just cause more alcohol abuse, but there is some good to lowering it. As kids start off to college, their parents try to make sure they give their children all the advice they can …show more content…

In Australia there have been three states that lowered the drinking age from 20 to 18, they are South Australia, Queensland, and Western Australia (Smith & Burvill, 1987). When researchers did the experiment they only looked at male‘s for it (Smith & Burvill, 1987). They found after looking at the data the numbers from all three states were about the same (Smith & Burvill, 1987). Some of the things they looked at were burglary, larceny of the motor vehicle, and drunkenness (Smith & Burvill, 1987). When looking at those numbers and comparing them together they found that as the years went on the bigger the numbers got (Smith & Burvill, 1987). They did this research between the years of 1969 to 1975 and the number went up no less than seven (Smith & Burvill, 1987). Even though lowering the drinking age would cause a lot more hard ship, there are some good things that could come out of it. If the drinking age was lowered we could start teaching our kids at an earlier age about how to drink responsibility. I’m sure if you went around to twenty one year olds and asked if they had tried alcohol before they were allowed most of them would say yes. Supporters of the AI think that the age should be 18 because they think that the twenty one age restriction leads to underground drinking which causes dangerous drink patterns and unintended consequences (Barnett, 2008). So if this would

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