The Pros And Cons Of The Drinking Age

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Many people can relate to the fact that some restrictions are for the greater good. Relatively, the drinking age is one restriction that should stand firm. Drinking alcohol, like tobacco, voting and choosing to enter the military is a privilege in the United States. One of biggest arguments of this generation that never seems to cease, is the argument over the drinking age laws of the United States. Some people argue that the drinking age should be lowered because if the right to marry, smoke, and enlist in the United States military are legal at eighteen, then the right to drink alcoholic beverages should also be legal at eighteen. In the United States of America, the minimum drinking age is twenty-one, meaning anyone under twenty-one who has consumed and/or is in possession of alcohol can be charged. Data by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that underage drinking accounts for 4,358 deaths every year, not excluding homicides, suicides, alcohol poisoning, falls, and burns, and motor vehicle incidents (CDC). Alcohol can negatively affect young adults, more than often not. Alcohol has the ability to cloud judgement and impair individuals involuntarily. These involuntary actions can lead to life changing accidents that can ruin lives. For these reasons, the purpose behind the alcohol drinking age laws in the United States is totally logical and should remain unchanged. If full grown adults struggle to act rationally under the effects of alcohol, then young

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