Luna Woke To A Loud Thud. She Got Out Of Her Bed, Worried

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Luna woke to a loud thud. She got out of her bed, worried about what she might see.

She went to the door, carefully opening it keeping her horn ready. On the other side of the door was the last thing she expected to see. She saw a mailmare.

“I have a letter for you,” the mare said.

“Thank you” Luna grabbed the letter with her magic. “Do you have any idea who sent it.”

“Nope. Some pony gave me this on the street and told me to give it to you; that 's all I know.”

“Are you sure you don’t remember anything.”

“Yes. I wasn’t exactly paying much attention when she hoofed it to me. I’m, sorry princess.”

“It’s fine.” Luna thanked the mare again and closed the door.

Luna took another look at the letter. She hadn’t got any in a long …show more content…

It was terrible blemish on her past. The country got her banished by her own sister and now. Now the country was calling her to be its leader.

Her first thought was to tell Celestia right away. She needed to find out what her sister thought of it the proposal, but then she started having seconds thoughts. Celestia would never allow her return to go back there. Why would she ever let her return? It had destroyed their friendship. There was no way she could tell Celestia about this.

At the same time, Celestia was her sister, and Luna couldn’t let something as important as this go untold. It was a terrible conundrum. She felt like neither solution was right.

It also crossed her mind that she could ignore the letter completely, but what if the ponies needed her. They went all the way to Equestria to send a letter to her. Luna couldn’t leave those ponies out to dry.

Luna weighed the odds. She could tell her sister about the letter, but that could reopen past wounds, or she could ignore the letter and forget she ever got it. If she ignored it Celestia would eventually find out.

Finally, she decided she would have to talk to her sister eventually, and decided to go ahead and get it over with.

She went to Celestia’s room. She prepared herself for a hard conversation. There was no way Celestia would take the news lightly.

She walked to Celestia’s door and knocked. No pony answered. Luna was surprised. She didn 't

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