Lung Cancer : The Most Common Cause Of Cancer

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Lung Cancer is by far the most common cause of cancer related death in the world. Every year more than 200,00 Americans are diagnosed with lung cancer and over 100,000 Americans die from lung cancer.
Lung Cancer is partly preventable with smoking cessation and it is slowly decreasing in the developed countries because of the many campaigns against tobacco addiction developed in the last decades but this is not the case in developing countries. In addition, we are observing a growing amount of lung cancer in females. (Ferlay et al. 2008), (Le Chevalier).
Small Cell
The cells of small cell lung cancer look small under a microscope. About 1 of every 8 people with lung cancer has small cell lung cancer. Small Cell Lung Cancer is an aggressive (fast-growing) cancer that forms in tissues of the lung and can spread to other parts of the body. The cancer cells look small and oval-shaped when looked at under a microscope. (National Cancer Institute, NCI; 2015) Non-small Cell The cells of non-small cell lung cancer are larger than the cells of small cell lung cancer. Most (about 7 of every 8) people diagnosed with lung cancer have non-small cell lung cancer. It doesn’t grow and spread as fast as small cell lung cancer, and it’s treated differently. Non-small cell lung cancer is a group of lung cancers that are named for the kinds of cells found in the cancer and how the cells look under a microscope. The three main types of non-small cell lung cancer are squamous

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