Lysistrata Essay

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Amidst the tone of war around us, and speak of possible defeat, the festival of Dionysos will be held the fall of this great year, 411 BCE. Many ideas of entertainment have been suggested, most of which plays from various credible playwrights. One that has caught my eye in many ways is a work by Aristophanes. It is titled Lysistrata, and is a comedy based on our current status of war. Now considering our present situation, this may seem like a ludicrous idea. The wrong choice of words in a public address can result in a revolt, let alone a play that will be seen by many more citizens than will a public speaking. Why choose such an idea? Well, there are many reasons, and I intend to explain them to you. …show more content…

As a result of such an intention brought into the open, citizens who are fed up with war and conflict as a whole will voice their opinions. Anyone with an idea of peace will feel the strength to mention and speak freely of it to others, possibly altering their opinions as well, spreading an influence of sorts through the city. Or maybe a snowball-effect will occur inside our community. At first the idea of peace is brought to our attention via the play, next sections of Athens will feel the same, until the idea escalates into measures of action.
By having such events taking place, the city-state of Athens will grow in strength and moral. A sense of unity will flourish within our humanity. People will feel more of a harmony because of our newfound peace, and reflect so in their everyday life. When our people’s self-esteem is rising, they will contribute greatly to society in every way. Many will look for ways to better themselves as a citizen of Athens. Our security will increase as our army and navy will grow with a sense of revelation. The population will boom from such prosperity. It would be a time of rejoice and celebration, that is, if all this results. The first step in this direction would be to produce the play of Aristophanes creation. Think of the possibilities.
Next, the comedic aspect will appeal to many. This production is to be entertaining, and what better way to achieve this then

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