Macbeth Character Analysis

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William Shakespeare is most arguably known for the characters portrayed in his work and the fact that his plays provide not only captivating plots, but insights to human nature, as well. This essence is most famously captured in Macbeth, a tale that turns into a tragedy because of the slow downward spiral of the main character, for which it is named. Shakespeare retains the significant ability to craft stories that surpass time and engage the emotions of the reader. In the case of Macbeth, Shakespeare has crafted a character that switches from protagonist to antagonist, but still remains relatable. Even when the main character becomes a murderer, his personality and monologue causes readers to feel for him emotionally. It is the reason why there is such a debate surrounding the issue of what caused Macbeth’s transformation. (Delahoyde, “Macbeth”)
Macbeth does not start out as an immoral character. In the beginning of the play, Macbeth is a common soldier of that era, and he is known as the Thane of Glamis. He is admired for his bravery, respect, and loyalty. (Samuel, “Macbeth and Issues of Gender”) In order to prove himself and fulfil his soldierly duties to his king, he strides into battle and kills MacDonwald. This is the first in a series of events that leads to the transformation and ultimate fall of Macbeth. This initial murder is the beginning of a domino effect for Macbeth and his morality because he basks in the attention and glory he receives in return.

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