Macbeth Soliloquy Analysis

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The Tomorrow soliloquy in Macbeth is quite an interesting passage, filled with grief and what if’s. Macbeth is getting ready to go into a fight with Macduff and Malcolm but Macbeth only knows of the three prophecies that the witches had given him, no other really big details. In the soliloquy, Macbeth speaks on how tomorrow might not even come because he knows nothing about what will happen in this fight. He is worrying a bit about if something goes wrong than he is official down and his life will be taken. With that, Macbeth is no longer able to speak to Lady Macbeth ever again since he had killed herself and he wishes she was here for longer. The soliloquy has quite a few messages behind it but the main ones have to be Macbeth realizing that he won’t ever speak to Lady Macbeth ever again, how he has small hope he won’t be killed, and lastly, how he is actually realizing that there might not even be a tomorrow for him. The first message of the soliloquy has to deal with Macbeth realizing that he will no longer be able to say another word to Lady Macbeth due to her killing herself. In the play, the only time that you see Macbeth and Lady Macbeth together was when they were the Thane of Cawdor, after Macbeth becomes king, they don’t speak for the rest of the play. Their relationship got to the point that Macbeth couldn’t even address her as his wife, it was always “woman” or “patient” as he said to the doctor when he asked about her. Once he had heard Lady Macbeth shriek

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