Essay on Macbeth's Mistakes in Shakespeare's Macbeth

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Macbeth’s Mistakes

At times man is prone to call into states of disillusionment, whether it be their own fault, or that of others, and this may cause them to commit grievous errors. The character of Macbeth suffers from a delusional view of the world. The diluted ways in which he interprets many of the prophecies foretold by the witches brings forth a detrimental effect upon many of his peers and acquaintances and leads him to execute grave mistakes. It is Macbeth’s choice to interpret things in a more literal meaning, rather than a prophetic one, that becomes the downfall of many characters in the story. The meddlesome witches can not be left dry of blame, for it was their prophetic truths that led Macbeth to take such a literal …show more content…

It is then with his delusional ambition that he proceeds to murder his king and his best friend, all for power. Although Macbeth ruthlessly commits the murders in his strive to be king, he is not without remorse. His vision has been clouded by power, but deep in his heart he knows what he did was wrong and subconsciously he suffers for it. “Macbeth hath murdered sleep” (Shakespeare, ). Macbeth suffers from lack of sleep because his good nature, although buried deep inside him, keeps him from shrugging off the murders as if they were but a trifle. His conscience shall forever let him feel the consequences of his treasonous and sacrilegious actions. It is said “Power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely.” This quote can describe Macbeth very well. He becomes so corrupted that he starts disposing of every person he deems to have a chance to take him off the throne. The murders of lady Macduff, the children and the servants were done out of cold blood, showing Macbeth had gone into a power hungry state of disillusionment. Macbeth’s second visit to the witches further impairs his diluted mental state. Now he takes the prophecies for their literal meaning which, this time, hurts himself and those who would stand beside him in a time of war. The witches foretell that he should be aware of Macduff, that no woman born of man can hurt him and that he can not lose until the

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