Machiavelli: The Father of Modern Political Science

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During the time 1469, a child by the name of Niccolo Di Bernardo Del Machiavelli was born .Some may know him as an Italian philosopher, humanist, or a evil minded fellow associated with the corruptness of totalitarian government. In Machiavelli’s home state Florence, he introduces the modern political theory. Hoping to gain influence with the ruling Medici family Niccolo wrote a pamphlet call The Prince (Prezzolini).
Niccolo lived a nondescript childhood and his main political experience in his youth was watching Savonarola from afar. When Savonarola was executed Niccolo entered the Florentine government as a secretary. Niccolo position soon rose and he became engage in diplomatic missions, it was here he met Powerful people like the
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The Prince was addressed to Lorenzo De Medici, the ruling family in Florence. The book was an attempt to gain Lorenzo’s favor promising to show him his method to gain power. He demonstrates how powerful kings behaved in and out history; the most proven way to govern his people. Machiavelli assures the prince should indeed stay humble; he wanted the prince to benefit from his experience while at the same time avoiding the appearance of losing control of his ideal image (Sullivan, V.B).
The Prince was a book of advice to politicians regarding how gain power and keep that power. The meaning of Prince in the title does not mean someone who inherits land and is a decedent to a king. In Machiavelli’s perspective a prince was a man of the citizens. Machiavelli wanted to share his knowledge, his ways of thinking with the leaders to keep public support and these methods are just as relevant for today’s elected officials just as they were in the sixteenth century (Sparknotes).
The Prince was addressed to Lorenzo De Medici- the ruling family in Florence. The book was written to gain Lorenzo’s favor, while at the same time promising to show him his methods to gain power. Machiavelli also advise him to take recognition to powerful kings and their behaved in and out of history, the most proven way to govern his people in Machiavelli’s opinion.
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