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Machiavelli’s instruction that a prince should not keep his words to succeed. Saddam did a good job to make him a good leader in his presidency. Saddam lied all the time, flipped flopped, and do what he thought is going to keeping him in the presidency. He gained Iraqis ‘trust because he had promised them many things. In the fact, Saddam never achieved any of them. For example, he promised the Iraqis that he would fix the country’s infrastructure, and never did. In another example, Hussein Kamel, who Saddam’s cousins, defected from Saddam’s Party and went to Jordan along with his brother. In Jordan, Kamel tried to turn to the United States. In that time Saddam said that he gave false information about Iraq’s weapons programs which led the U.S. Invasion of Iraq. According to the article the New York Times “senior Army aides to Iraq president defect to Jordan” said that “The defectors include Lieut. Gen. Hussein Kamel, the husband of President Hussein's eldest daughter, Raghad.

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