Machismo And Hispanic Culture

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America used to have the same gender roles as Hispanic culture but now it’s been fading away quickly and are getting close to gender equality while Hispanic culture are still behind compared to other developing countries culture. In Hispanic culture there are two types of roles, Machismo which applied to the male and Marianismo to the female. Machismo is associated with dominant and Marianismo is associated with dependent and submissive.
To understand the word Machismo, one must understand that in Mexico, being born a male is of high prestige and valued more than if one was born female. Women are raised that one day they will marry a man and he will oversee the family, the family must obey him, and get his approval before doing anything. …show more content…

“When I got with my wife I thought [of her] like the animals that I have owned: she had to obey me. From there I saw how my uncle would treat his wife, and I thought that his wife was [doing] something wrong, that she wasn’t supposed to [do], and that she was to obey him. So, when I got married, I said to myself that I wouldn’t let my wife be like my uncle’s wife.” –Male respondent
As illustrated in this example, men are working in the fields most of their lives, and as this man puts it, working with animals was just like working with his wife. As noted by one researcher’s subject, “Over there [in Mexico] one has command over them, and scolds them and all that. But not here; if she feels that things don’t suit her, she gets out and leaves.” (Pena, 1991). These two examples of men’s views about women are not shared by them only, but shared by many Mexican males. How much alcohol is being consume might determine the level of machismo. a scholar once said “The negative aspects of machismo can result in heavy drinking and the pursuit of high-risk activities, leading to domestic violence and HIV/AIDS” (Galanti, 2003). During a survey a bunch of Hispanic male were ask to define machismo and one of them said “Machismo means that you can drink, that you can party all night and maintain. The one that is up the

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