Mad Men: Influencing Minorities of the 1960’s Essay

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“Mad Men” is a television show about life in the 1960’s. The show’s setting is in the work place taking place during the 1960’s. The show depicts how men and women are working together at an advertisement agency. The main character is Don Draper and he is an executive for the advertisement agency. Don Draper has many secrets that threaten his job and his household. (“Mad Men: Plot Summary.”) During the show “Mad Men” women are treated differently this happens because men in the 1960’s were sexist towards women whether it be at home or at the work place. Is “Mad Men” more about how minorities were treated or is it really about the life of Don Draper? (Julia Baird, 195.) In the show “Mad Men” men are depicted of having dominate roles at …show more content…

In the advertisement company a woman character (Peggy) is a wonderful writer, but is plagued by being a woman in the work place and she has to work harder and longer to receive a promotion. She notices that she is more accomplished than a man coworker who has the same job. The secretaries knew they were not wanted because the company needed secretary work, they were needed to be servants to their male coworkers by bringing them food and drinks. Through advertisements women were targets because a poll showed that women bought more than men. For example when the advertisement company was studying the thoughts of women and lipstick the men studying the women only put the attractive women’s ideas down and did not count the women’s ideas who were not as attractive as the other women in the study. At home women are supposed to be the perfect wife taking care of her perfect children, but Don’s wife does not actually do anything of the sort. She has a housekeeper who does everything for her, such as cook, clean, and take care of the children making sure they behave correctly. Since the housekeeper takes care of everything for Don’s wife, his wife is unhappy with nothing to do. She feels worthless and lonely. While her husband goes out and cheats on her routinely. (“Mad Men: Gender, Race, Ethnicity, Sexuality, and Class”.)
Don who has been cheating on his wife regularly is not seen as scandalous in that era. (“Mad Men:

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