Madame C. J Walker

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Many inventors and their inventions have made life better for all mankind. Madame c.j Walker was one of those inventors. She had invented a hair product to protect the scalp and prevent hair loss. The important parts about this invention is 3 out of the 5 W's. Who, When, and What. This first reason why this product is such a success is because of the person who made it. Her original name was Sarah Breedlove. Madame c.j Walker was born in 1867 near Delta, LA. She was an orphan at age 7 and was a child of former slaves. She was married at 14 and was widowed with a child at 20. Soon after, she married Charles J Walker, and that's how her name became what it is today. The second reason why this product is so big today is when it was made. Around

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