Madness And Chaos In A Midsummer Night's Dream

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William Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream is about two men who are in love with the lady, Hermia. As a result of intervention from the fairy king and queen, the feelings and loves of the men become muddled. Due to a love potion from a special flower, they both turn from loving Hermia to loving her friend Helena. This leads to much confusion and heartache throughout the rising action and climax, until the lovers’ quarrel is finally resolved at the end of Act IV. Despite one of the main characters, Theseus, criticizing lovers, poets, and madmen for their imagination, the play argues and shows that these three elements are essential for successful relationships and to enjoy life. Throughout the majority of the play, Theseus is definitely…show more content…
Famous actor Robin Williams said “You are only given one little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it”. This quote applies here, as the main action of the play is essentially madness. The play begins with a spark, and that spark only grows as the action continues. No character is exempt from the chaos, and a few characters go as far as to encourage the mayhem. Hippolyta and Theseus are involved in a battle between the Athenians and Amazons in the exposition, and Oberon and Titania have complications and disputes in their marriage in the rising action that only get worse with the use of a love potion later in the play. The four lovers experience the most turmoil, as their feelings are constantly changing throughout the rising action and climax. Both men love Hermia in the exposition, but this quickly changes as a result of the love potion placed on them. They then both fall in love with Helena, and a duel then nearly occurs over her hand. A Midsummer Night’s Dream would be uneventful if not for the madness experienced by the characters, and it serves as microcosm for real life. Life would not be as interesting and fun if not for the madness everyone
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