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The Magna Carta was originally seen - by both the 'cowardly' King John and the insurgent Barons lined up against him only as a bargaining chip and hence not of very great importance. In John's mind, it was only ever a stalling effort, intended to prove his reasonableness to the barons. It was only ever Regarded as a bargaining chip and nothing more.

This said, the Magna Carta probably meant little to the rebels either and the fact that they Withdrew on their vow to surrender London after signing the Magna Carta displays their dislike of the Runnymede proceedings. Still, the clauses of the Magna Carta shows that John had driven his barony too far.

After an initial clause which guaranteed the rights of the Church, the next 15 clauses were Arrangements …show more content…

It was used strategically throughout history. This clause is the only one that remains on the law books today.

It is the also the Magna Carta that has significantly affected the way modern society views the repayment of debt. Since the Magna Carta goes into much detail regarding the repayment of debt, it makes it clear that even if the person has a debt he cannot repay, the debtor may not do and action that will harm the well being of the indebted "Neither we nor our officials will seize any land or rent in payment of a debt, so long as the debtor has movable goods sufficient to discharge the debt" (Original Magna Carta Translation).

The Magna Carta also goes into quite a lot of detail concerning the limitations on the authority that the king maintains. "Finally, they sought to ensure that the king carried out his promises, safeguarded the rebels from any comebacks, demanded that he fire his hated mercenary captains and tied the king to a council of 25 members in an effort to ensure his co-operation." (Brendaliz's Project)

It was destined to fail. The Magna Carta endured less than three

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