Mahogany Film Analysis

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The film I chose was Mahogany. The drama film was about a struggling fashion design student name Tracy from Chicago who found success through modeling in Rome with the help of a fashion photographer. As she became more successful it tarnished her relationship with a social activist name Brian and in the fashion industry. In the film the actress shows that Tracy represents women who come from rough environments that are willing to see bigger dreams for themselves. Tracy is relatable to women then and now because we all have an urge of wanting success and all of the perks that comes with following something you are truly passionate about. Mahogany represents women going through the process of fame and success and not being able to handle the …show more content…

Also, it is hard trying to make everyone envision your dreams and how much you believe in them. Dreams are imaginary until it’s up to you to make it happen, which is what Tracy did by continuously being persistent to get what she wanted.
Fashion and politics are displayed in this film, which is still prevalent today. The term “white famous” describes the dialogue of the film because “it’s ostensibly that moment for people of color working in music, television, film or comedy or whichever culture space when one’s star power penetrates the mainstream” (“Carter”). When you are acknowledged by another race you feel compelled to allow others to use you as a trophy display to collect a profit if there is no guidance around you. During the film Tracy and Brian had a conversation and he referred to her as “I think he needs another nigger”. The intensity of both character’s shows one demands success, but the other demands equality for black people. Brian hints to Tracy that sticking to her own kind of people will be more beneficial to her because she comes from a different world than the rest.
Although this may be true, I can understand why she had a hard time accepting it, because black people have been oppressed their entire lives and during that time a lot of black women weren’t getting opportunities like her, which made her take advantage of that. It relates to politics because her designs were criticized by several people in the industry, which was controversial being a

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