Maine Is in Troubled Times Essay

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The most important insight that James Tierney shared with the class is that Maine is in “big trouble”. In the first two minutes of Tierney’s speech he reiterated that point multiple times. I would agree with Tierney, Maine is in troubled times. The states average age keeps getting higher and higher. Maine is also one of the whitest states in the country. Tierney's insight on how to fix this problem was something that I agree with. To fix the demographic issue, we need to have an open sign, but as Tierney said, Mainer's hate change. The big issue I see is that diversity is not taught in schools. I came from Lee Academy so I had a different experience than most high school students in Maine. Lee Academy is private school that boards students …show more content…

As Tierney said, he went on to teach at Harvard and Yale, so you know that he has to be truly gifted at what he does. The University of Maine law school missed a great professor and possibly one that could have changed the schools low ranking. The final thing that I found interesting in Tierney’s presentation was his fact on Minneapolis. Minneapolis has the largest Somali population in the United States. I associate Somalia with being warm, so it is interesting that Minneapolis is where the greatest population of Somalis is. As Tierney said though, Minneapolis had a come on in sign and let the Somali people come in with no hassle. It is to bad that Maine did not try to push harder to get more Somali immigrants, it certainly could have done good. Maine people just do not seem welcoming though. I can remember from my high school basketball days, we would always have a couple players from around the world and that created great tension. Many of the opposing teams fans would begin chanting U.S.A. and bring in American flags to wave. There also were a lot of racial slurs that were just utterly disgraceful. It is a shame that many of the people in Maine hate change. I consider myself a conservative and personally I say come on in, we could use the help. So as long as you work or at least try to find a job then there should be a place in this state for you. I believe that Tierney’s

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