Maintaining Dominant Systems Of Sexuality

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Normal is constantly used to oppress and silence those who do not fit under this definition constructed by institutional forces within society. These institutions have been created to serve as building blocks for society, to guide the public. Originally, these institutions were started to protect and create order, but in today’s world, they provide no protection. However, if an individual does not fit within the system’s socially constructed idea they are objectified for being “different”. This is especially clear when it comes to sexuality. If society were to denaturalize gender and sexuality, then there would be a way to look at everyone as unique, that “normal” does not exist because everything is historically and socially constructed.…show more content…
This idea of the average American family, does not accurately depict our society. With the image of this ideal household, this sets a standard that may be impossible for some, due to their race, gender, class, sexuality, etc. Heterosexuality is never questioned or threaten within society because it is normal. Not only is it a political institution, but it is contributing to the constructions of the gender binary. In Compulsory Heterosexuality, the concept of becoming a mother is brought the reader’s attention. Women are emotionally available and caring towards others so, they make for great mothers. There are plenty of women who choose not to be mothers, does this make them any less of a women because they do not fall under the definition of the female binary. On page 637 of Compulsory Heterosexuality the author writes, “I am suggesting that heterosexuality, like motherhood, needs to be recognized and studied as a political institution-even, or especially by those individuals who feel they are, in their personal experience, the precursors of a new relation between the sexes.” Now, the gender binary, family gives society the impression that the men have to be hard working and to provide for his family. While the women are expected to take care of everything else and take care of the
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