'Maize: An Analysis Of The Popol Vuh'

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Never would someone had thought that the richness of a crop's production could bring power to early humans, becoming almost as a revolutionary concept. Today maize-fields are cultivated for food, economic and medicinally productions, but it does not represent anything special in today's society as it was before. In the Popol Vuh maize is an important concept and symbol that expands to ideas that many anthropologists and professionals cannot understand completely. Yet, when reading the Popol Vuh there are many examples of when maize is used to represent its importance. Maize is the most important idea in the Popol Vuh because it provides food, it results in wealth, it represents a political system and it shows hierarchy. In the Popol Vuh maize …show more content…

The people outside of the maize are those who follow, praise or worship, and who take orders. The four sided maize also represents the cardinal directions and axis mundi. Axis mundi is the “center of the world” where there is a connection between heaven and the underworld (Moore, 2016). In the article, the Flowering of the Dead the "Flowering Mountain Earth is a unifying concept, inextricably linking vegetation, the human life cycle, kinship, modes of production, religious and political hierarchy, conceptions of time and even of celestial movement" (Carlsen & Prechtel, 27). This Flowering Mountain can also be represented by the “Tree of life” that can be found in the middle of the four sided maize field. From this tree, Seven Macaw was shot by Hunahpu’s blowgun (Christenson). There are many images and paintings that show this event from the Popol Vuh, for example the blowgunner pot. In that same painting, the tree of life has a face and an open mouth, from the open mouth individuals could descend and or ascend from the underworld where Xibalba and his followers prevail. This is a way of representing a political system because in the middle of the four sided maize only certain individuals have the power to be in or come into the tree of life, like Xibalba who has his followers, they are unified to follow his commands. This political system can also turn into a way of putting people below or above others in a hierarchical

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