Major Depressive Disorders: The Cause Of Teenage Depression

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There are, world wide, teenagers hiding behind a seemingly happy mask. They plaster smiles on their faces and chatter away with their friends appearing to be typical teens. Did you ever stop to consider that any of these teens are not as they appear? That despite their smiling exterior they are shriveled inside, internal crying from loneliness and hopelessness? Everyone has bad days from time to time; it is normal to cry, to be upset, and feel alone. It is not normal however, to feel this way every day. Feeling as if you are suffocating, drowning within yourself, alone and completely severed from everyone else. Imagine knowing that there is something wrong, something killing you inside, slowly leeching out your strength and eating away at your mind, and no one will listen or stop to consider that maybe what is being said to them is a plea fro …show more content…

People with a mental illness called major depressive disorder (or MDD) feel this way every day. What is troubling is that people with depression might nor receive the treatment they need; in fact, teenage depression is very often over looked. Why? Because their actions are written off as being typical for their age. This casual dismissal of an obvious problem is causing a significant problem in mental health. Teenagers are arguably the most misunderstood arg group. As a generation they are treated like children, being told that what they think and feel is wrong, and yet they are expected to act like fully developed adults. Because of this the reported numbers of teens with depression is rising. According to MDD is the leading psychological disorder in the western world and is estimated to be the 2nd most disabling condition in the world by 2020, behind heart disease. Nobody should have to experience this type of suffering. Depression does not just make one feel sad, but depressing thoughts can

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