Major Works Data Sheet for Brave New World Essay

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b Major Works Data Sheet |Title: Brave New World |Relevant Biographical Information About the Author: | |Date of Publication: 1932 |Born July 26, 1894 in Surrey, UK | |Genre: dystopia, science fiction |Went partially blind at the age of 16 | | |Graduated from oxford in 1916 and began to write a collection of poems | |…show more content…
Since | |the rest of the classes are pretty much stupid, all of the main characters are alphas or higher (world controllers: Mustapha Mond). One of the alphas is short and ugly and | |supposedly had alcohol in his test tube when being created, Bernard. He is pretty much always miserable and self pitying. In this society, everyone belongs to everyone | |(you’re supposed to sleep with a bunch of people) and takes soma (stimulants (uppers)) and gets high. Also, no one has a mother or father because they were created from test | |tubes. Mother and father are considered explicit words that are pretty much a joke if you were to have one. Anyways, he never has sex and never takes soma so he’s pretty | |much a law breaker because he can’t get any. He eventually gets a date with a girl who everyone has slept with because she’s pneumatic and pretty. They go to New Mexico which| |is where there are people unaffected by Bernard’s society and are considered savage. They’re pretty much like the natives of Africa post-colonization. There, Bernard and his | |date, Lenina, find two white people, which is odd, a mother and son. Turns out the father is the Director. They take them back to civilization and present them to the | |Director who is then embarrassed to no end because the son calls him father. The mother is repulsive looking and just takes loads of soma all day, every day. However, the | |son, Mr. Savage as they call him, or John, is found

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