Making A Murderer, Directed By Laura Ricciardi And Moira Demos Essay

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Steven Avery, a family man, a victim of injustice and an accused murderer. One may have reasoned that his murder conviction was a crime of passion, due to the injustice Steven suffered from his 1985 false conviction of rape and assault, but that may have been before his story caught national attention. A documentary, “Making a Murderer”, directed by Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos, arose from his story’s infamy. With this documentary came numerous questions as to Avery’s possible innocence, but above all else answers that shed light on a possibly corrupt justice system that appears intent on framing Steven Avery for Teresa Halbach’s murder. “Making a Murderer” effectively portrays a message of the injustice of Steven Avery’s murder conviction and possible corruption within the Manitowoc’s justice system through the use of footage and accounts from people who were involved with his conviction.

“Making a Murderer” starts with Avery’s exoneration of the conviction of rape and assault of Penny Beerntsen. Consistently, Steven Avery asserted that he was innocent and that he had an alibi. Regardless of his assertions he spent 18 years, of a 32 year sentence, in prison before he was finally found innocent by DNA evidence and was released. Reasonably, Avery pursued a $36 million lawsuit against the Manitowoc County for his wrongful conviction. Consequently, this lawsuit made Avery an enemy of the county. When Teresa Halbach, an AutoTrader magazine photographer, was reported

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