Making A Transaction Of Acquiring A Firm

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When it comes to mergers and acquisitions, unfortunately, it is somewhat difficult to tell how long it may take to complete a transaction of acquiring a firm. In order to do it right as Dupont intended, they needed to do their due diligence and make sure that this was the right deal at the right time for them. With the recession taking place during this time, the chief executive officer, Ellen Kullman, had to put her game plan of growth aside for a moment and focus on staying healthy through this tough time. Once business was taken care from that perspective, she could then focus all of her efforts on growing the firm via acquisitions. After a couple of months of research by Dupont, they agreed on a final binding offer and soon after Danisco accepted. Unfortunately, the steps one needs to take from a binding offer to a completed transaction, especially when dealing with cross-border acquisitions with publicly traded companies, can get very complex and thus take time to hash out. Dupont, a chemical company, wanted to embrace biosciences more in the future. With that in mind, Ellen and her strategic teams felt acquiring Danisco would be a worthwhile acquisition, considering their focus on science, application development, and customers. Dupont intended on acquiring another company in Genecor who exceled in the industrial biotech space department, but they were later bought out by Danisco. Thus, it made even more sense to make a deal with Danisco. In the time Dupont’s…
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