Making Unexpected Friends in The Boy with the Striped Pajamas

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THE BOY IN THE STRIPED PAJAMAS The main characters in this story have different personalities and they represent the good and the bad in human beings. Bruno, the nine years old German boy, was an adventurous, curious and innocent boy like many other kids his age. Because of his age sometimes he was a little naive but overall I think he was a very smart boy. He showed us the importance of friendship and compassion after he met Shmuel at the concentration camp. Shmuel, the Jewish boy, was the representation of injustice, fear and sadness. Although he was aware that the living situation in the concentration camp were not right he never wanted to talk about it probably because of his fear to the Nazis. But he also represents …show more content…

I like the strenght of the Jewish people. I obviously dislike the injustice and abuse of the Nazis towards the Jews.
What caused a major changed in the main characters?
A major change for Bruno was when they moved from Berlin to Auschwitz. Bruno was outgoing, adventurous and had many friends. After they moved, he became lonely, sad and a little resentful to his parents. He and Gretel were home schooled and he wasn’t allow to go outside anymore. He had no idea of what was going on in the concentration camp or his surrounding and didn’t understand why he couldn’t play with the kids he saw in the camp. After he met Shmuel things started to feel a little more normal for him but unaware that his life will end very soon.
Gretel, his sister, also changed. She went from being a bully to be a supportive sister and became more mature. She wasn’t interested in dolls anymore, she wanted to learn about the world.
Shmuel, went from being lonely and sad, to be more cheerful after meeting Bruno. Bruno gave him support, food and friendship things that he didn’t have inside the camp. One day, they planned to go and find Shmuel’s dad inside the camp and marched together with other people not knowing that they were marching to their death.
After a little more than a year living in Auschwitz, the mom couldn’t take anymore. She didn’t want to leave in isolation anymore so she started to plan to leave the city.
At the end, Bruno and Shmuel are both killed in the gas chamber together

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