Malala Impact On Education

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Few would be willing to risk your life for your right to education? Very few would. One girl named Malala was. This essay will explain what Malala and her foundation are trying to accomplish through their work. Malala and her organization have made positive impacts on education in third world countries.
First, I want to talk about what Malala and her organization have accomplished so far. Malala mostly focuses her efforts towards raising money for girls education. She raises money from other non profit organizations, and she also has a website for people to donate to. She takes the money she raises and either builds schools or buys the kids supplies. Malala has raised over seven million dollars for women’s education in third world …show more content…

Arrebah Shahid is a very important aspect in fighting for girls education. Arrebah is head of programmes at Pakistan Youth Change Advocates. She mainly focuses on developing a youth-led advocacy campaign to increase secondary education opportunities for girls in northwest Pakistan. The area that she works in has twice as many boys schools as it does girls. That’s why her role in the fight for women’s education is so important.(Fund, Malala)
Another important member of her team is Gulalai Ismail. Gulalai Ismail plays an important part in getting the word out for women’s education in Pakistan. She co-founded Aware Girls with her sister when she was only 16 years old. Her organization works for gender equality and peace in Pakistan. She tries to encourage younger girls to attend school and teaches them the benefits of getting an education.(Fund, Malala)
There are just to many places around the world that need help in their fight for education that Malala just simply can’t cover them all. That’s why she has men and women like Rotimi Olawale helping her out. Rotimi is the co -founder of YouthHubAfrica. He works on educating young people on the importance of education. Rotimi has 10 years of experience with working with today’s youth. Rotimi plans on expanding his program through 5 states in Nigeria. (Fund, Malala)
Another major person helping Malala is Nayla Fahed of Lebanon. Nayla created a program called the Lebanese Alternative Learning, her

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