Malcolm X Book Summary

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The book that is being reviewed is The Autobiography of Malcolm X by Alex Haley and Malcolm X. The genre of the book was nonfiction. The book intended audience it was anyone who is interested in the life of Malcolm X. The purpose of this book was to give readers insight into the life and death of one of the well known civil rights leader. The title of the book gave readers an exact insight of what the book would be on. The theme of this book was first person. At the beginning of the book, Malcolm spoke about his life but at the end of the book the other author Alex Haley spoke in first person about his experiences with Malcolm. The main idea of this book was to get an insight on Malcolm X. Throughout the book the reader will be able to find out how Malcolm was raised, about his life as a muslim black man, and also about his death. This book was different from other autobiographies because the reader was able to read about Malcolm through his own eyes and also through the eyes of the man who was documenting his life. The book really did not have an argument but it did give information about how Malcolm X handled racism. Malcolm X lived by the saying by any means necessary which means that he would get respected by everyone by any means necessary. One of the quotes in the book that stood out the …show more content…

The part of the book that was the most interesting was the part when Malcolm became interested in the Nation of Islam. This part of the book was extremely important to the person that Malcolm X was. When he converted over to Islam he was able to do things that was very important to the civil right movement. This book appealed to me in a logical way. This is so because it allowed me to understand who Malcolm X was as a person and also why he took the approach he did in civil rights. The Autobiography of Malcolm X was published in 1965 by Grove Press. The current price of this book on is five dollars. The ISBN is ISBN-10:

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