Malcolm X Philosophy Essay

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Malcolm X African American Philosopher Malcolm X first in incident with racism happened at an early age, his house was broken into by Ku Klux Klan members. Who were looking for his father Earl Little because he works for the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA), that supports black Americans returning to Africa. Malcolm would occasionally attending the UNIA meetings with his father learning that life is stacked against blacks. Throughout his life Malcolm goes through four transformations from the streets, jail, muslim and trip to mecca.
Street Life While working at a local Harlem bar called Small’s as a day writer Malcolm X makes a good impression on his co-workers. Who teaches him hustling techniques. Malcolm then starts to …show more content…

Incarcerated Malcolm X return to boston was very short lived his white female friend Sophia had saved his life in harlem by bring him back to boston. Sophia husband is a businessman who stays on the road, this gave sophia a lot of time to tend and help her friend Malcolm who depends on her money. To survive malcolm goes back to what he knows best hustling Malcolm, Shorty, Sophia, Sophia’s older sister and a black italian man named Ruby started robbing and burglarising houses. Malcolm’s hustle was going good until he blown his cover with sophia and was hunted down by her husband who got him arrested. Malcolm emphasize that racism against blacks dehumanizes them. The white people in malcolm viewed him as something less than human, malcom was ruthless, foul mouthed, hustler and an uneducated negro. During his trial the convention against him for stealing was weight evenly as his relationship with a white women. The notes of his cross examination was mostly his relationship with sophia rather than his conviction of stealing and was sentenced to ten years in prison. Malcolm's time at the state prison is a period of scholarly development and religious upheaval. Experiencing drug withdrawal and a furious temper, he is put into solitary and nicknamed "Satan." Over time he meets a prisoner by the name Bimbi. Bimbi is a confident black man who commands and respected by all. Being mentored by Bimbi, Malcolm

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