Malcolm X Reflection Paper

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@Question #3. Well the first and most similar concept as Malcolm X is when you are learning how to read and write in Kindergarten and First grade. Because of how they would have us write on these papers that would outline a sentence with two hold lines on top and a dotted line in the middle. My teacher taught us that lowercase words go to the middle line and uppercase would extend to the top line. Then, when we begin learning how to write letters they would have the letter whether it was lower or uppercase they have it in dotted lines, for us to follow with our yellow wooden pencils usually with a pink eraser or one of those erasers you could stick on the top of your pencil. This experience is similar but very different from the story as his was in a prison setting learning from a dictionary, as mine was at the elementary school in Fort Defiance and was being taught by teachers.
@Question #4. Well, during my first semester in college i attended a college in Illinois called Greenville College, and I was taking a math class online, because I didn't do so well on the ACT, which benefited me because during high school my math class from my sophomore to senior year was all online. Which meant I didn't learn much but passed with high B’s and low A’s. So, when I entered my math class the first day, my supplies for class were a black spiral one subject notebook and a bold color pen for notes. As, I sat down and open my math website I watched the first video and took notes and watch

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