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Khalen Cumberlander African American Philosophy November 14th, 2013 Malcolm X The life of Malcolm X was a very disturbing and interesting one. I say that, because Malcolm X was criminal, minister, a powerful leader, and an icon to his religious followers. Born Malcolm Little, before converting to the Nation of Islam, young Malcolm grew up around a lot of segregation and racism. Growing up in Omaha, Nebraska he had to deal with the KKK (Ku Klux Klan), especially because his father was a preacher, who preached the word of God and rights for African American. After the mysterious death of his father which was heard that the KKK took him and tied him to the train tracks, as a train killed him. Young Malcolm moved to Boston where he became…show more content…
Malcolm took a liking to this new faith after several letters from his family and Elijah Muhammad himself. He began to fully understand all the great things that surrounded this new faith. Malcolm was eventually transferred to Norfolk Prison Colony, where there is a great library and he really took full advantage of that opportunity. It was said to say on page 76; paragraph 4 that “this new life suited the newly disciplined Malcolm well, and he continued his plan to educate himself broadly.” Malcolm really started to speak his mind in prison, describing Allah his new god, and that Allah identified all whites as devils. Shortly after being released from prison, he got his chance to finally meet his leader and mentor Elijah Muhammad. Muhammad to liking of Malcolm outspoken personality and confidence when speaking his mind on a particular topic. Due to Malcolm’s great leadership and speaking ability, he became Malcolm X and was the poster boy for the Nation of Islam. Going to various locations across the country to preach the word of Allah, represent the Nation of Islam and tell everyone his followers his mentors plan for African Americans. Chapter ten on the other was a different story. It described the downfall of the relationship Malcolm had with the Nation. It was said that Malcolm was

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