Malcom X is the True Hero of African Americans Essays

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Malcom X is the True Hero of African Americans

Malcom X born Malcom Little was a very deviant youth with a criminal out look on life in his young years. Then when he was locked up for robbery in prison some time he had a revelation always knowing that the treatment of black folks back then was just criminal injustice. His father introduced him to Marcus Garvy and his back to Africa philosophies. While in prison he was introduced to a black version of the Muslim religion. It was his sort of say initiation into real manhood and becoming responsible for his actions. While in prison he wrote out the dictionary by hand for the sole purpose of learning to use the same tools that the same people in power were using to distort things to …show more content…

They would rather give out money to a select few to show that there is a fairness in the system.
In one of his speeches he directly point out the fallusies." For the past fifteen years the struggle of the Black man in this country was labeled as a civil rights struggle, and as such it remained completely within the jurisdiction of the United States. You and I could get no kind of benefits whatsoever other than that which would be forthcoming from Washington D.C. Which meant, in order for it to be forthcoming from Washington, D.C., all of the congressmen and the senators would have to agree to it." At that time the most powerful congressmen and the most powerful senators were from the south. Most of the Black people were enslaved in the south. So in other words civil right leaders were asking the same persons who would not let them vote, for privileges, which were never really given. He would constantly refer to the civil right leaders as uncle toms. He never said that directly to a newspaper, but you knew whom he was talking about. Especially when he was in a debate with them. An Uncle Tom is the as the slaves see it. Is the person in the Masters house, he told on the other slaves just to please his master and did nothing that would lead one to believe that he had any self-respect for himself. I guess that

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