Male Caregiving Literature Review

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[What is the main reason for male caregiving, the challenges faced and how they overcome it?]: A Review of the Literature
Caregiving are commonly known to be a ‘women’ duty in the society (Harris, 1998). However, today, there has been a significant change as more men are seen to be caregivers to their wives, mothers, fathers or even children. Despite that, women are given more ‘spotlight’ in the topic of caregiving (Greenwood; Smith, 2015). Nevertheless, not much focused has been done to men who are caregivers. Hence, this literature review would analyze in depth, of the main reason as to why males chose and how caregiving impacts them as they aged. In addition, it would also uncover the experiences males confronted as they become
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Unfortunately, these stereotypes and labels apply to male caregivers as well. With these stereotypes and labels, male caregivers tend to accept and comply with it (2014). It was found that these negative stereotypes and labels played a major part as they hinder male caregivers from seeking help when needed (2014); (2015). They felt that by seeking help, it would dampen the masculinity they have. These societal expectations of them, would ultimately influenced them from requesting and obtaining help from family members and friends (2015). Another reason is how they have insufficient knowledge and difficulty of access to and about where and how to seek for help from resources and services available (2014); (2015); (Harris, 1998). Furthermore, due to the societal expectations for the male caregivers, they are proud of their own achievement and ability of doing caregiving alone (2014); (2015). Hence it stops male caregivers from access to support.
Henceforth, this theme can be backed by the hegemonic masculinity concept whereby it is an early expression of cultural ideas for men that ascribes the most important characteristics of maleness. The sources implied that in general, the male caregivers are more concerned about the societal norms and expectations for masculinity
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It is surprising for me to discover the main reason why the males took on the role of a caregiver was because of the responsibility they felt towards their parents and wives and family members. I am also overwhelmed by the obstacles they faced due to societal expectations such as difficulty in seeking help as well as stereotypes and how they go about to stay optimistic towards caregiving. What was the most astonishing is the fact that, despite several sources supported that females suffered more than males in caregiving, there was a contradiction for one source that mentioned about the opposite. From that, I learned that despite the stoicism male caregivers showed, they do in fact suffer emotional distress due to caregiving. All in all, my perception of male caregiving
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