Male Gender Role. Tobias Wolff Gives All Of The Characters

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Male Gender Role Tobias Wolff gives all of the characters in Hunters in the Snow different characteristics and personalities. Yet the characters are still alike in the way that they all fall under common male roles and stereotypes. Common roles like being the tough guy that can handle anything and does not complain about anything or saying rude things to one another. Wolff Shows this whether it be from the way the characters communicate to one another or their actions. Most males will agree that while reading the dialogue in the story, they can relate to the interaction the characters have. The dialogue between has an unfiltered sense to it where they swear profusely and talk down to one another. The entire story has a masculine theme,…show more content…
Kenny at the start of the story drives recklessly in his truck on his way to pick up Tub. This could have been an attempt to impress Frank and to continue to mess with tub. Tubs distance from the other two friends is shown immediately when he has to ride in the bed of the truck, while Frank and Kenny are in the cab of the truck. The separation between tub and his friend’s continues to show throughout the story. An example of this is when “Kenny and Frank pulled ahead of him [Tub], to where he couldn’t even hear their voices anymore” (169). Tub continues to be separated from the group because he is the weakest of the three. Tub is the only one who continues to complain about the trip and is the worst hunter out of the other men. This only causes him to be the target for Franks and Kenny’s jokes. Tub’s experience on the trip was not what he had expected. For Frank he follows in Kenny’s path rather than tub because he would rather be like Kenny more than Tub. So when Kenny continues to follow a trail faster than Tub can keep up with he chooses to keep up with Kenny and leave Tub behind. “Cruelty a result of a lack of empathy, is apparent throughout” (Constantakis). Franks choice provokes Kenny to act out more and continue to be violent and makes Tub feel like more of an outcast. All three men try to give the impression that they are more masculine than how they really are. Kenny tries to be the toughest out of them all and give off an I don’t care

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