Maleficent Theme

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In the movie Maleficent, the audience comes to their own opinions about the main character Maleficent in the film. This film also features characters like Aurora, Stefan, and Diaval which allows the audience to see her different sides and views of good and evil through other characters perceptions of Maleficent. This is seen throughout the film and can be seen with her relationship between King Stefan and his daughter Aurora along with her servant Diaval. There is no easy way to define the line between good & evil. This is an overarching theme throughout the movie Maleficent because there are different opinions on these 3 characters and the other background characters in the film. In the first scene of the movie, we see Maleficent as a good child who is seen as the strongest of the fairies in this film. When we see her and how the other characters from the Moors the mythical area in which Maleficent lives, see her as a good, nice, playful, and very fair person who looks over the Moors and those who live in it. Stefan, in the beginning, allows ourselves as the audience to see an, even more, a clearer picture of Maleficent and how good and magnificent she is however from what he does later in the movie to Maleficent changes how we see her and perceive is good or evil of her. It is seen throughout this film Maleficent isn't purely evil nor purely good. Sending the message that people are made to be both good and evil. Trying to define good and evil is like trying to

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