Malessica's Room: A Fictional Narrative

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Holding onto Isaac, Malessica walked with him to the food court exit. Isaac couldn’t get his mind off of the encounter with Yuri. Though it relieved him that Yuri decided to leave them alone, Isaac still hated that his power was still not enough. Malessica grew more upset that she wasn’t able to help Isaac out, seeing that he was giving his all to defend her. 12:08 PM Exiting the food court, many of the shoppers were rushing to leave the parking lot. Cars lined up behind each other, trying to get away from the mall. Isaac started to break away from Malessica, attempting to walk on his own. He leaned against a wall trying to catch his breath. Malessica made sure he was alright, trying to help him. Isaac let her know that he was fine, moving closer to Malessica who, helped him walk to find the limo. Isaac started to walk on his own, rubbing his abdomen. Malessica could hear her cellphone ringing in her pocket, while police cars arrived in the area, making their way to the food court. “Malessica, are you alright?” Gerard asked frantically. “Gerard I’m…show more content…
“I defeated them, but they managed to delay my time, I heard that there was a gunman in the store. Is Isaac with you?” “Yeah he’s with me.” Malessica said. “He protected me from the gunman, but we need to get home. I have to talk to dad now.” “I parked at the west side of the mall, I’ll meet you both there.” Gerard said. “See you.” Malessica responded before hanging up the phone. “Isaac we’re heading to my place, Gerard’s parked on the other side of the mall. I’m going to make everything up to you, I promise. For now let’s just get out of here.” Isaac agreed to leaving, following along side of Malessica, who kept at his pace. It bothered him that it hadn’t been twenty four hours since moving to Costelios, finding himself in more and more trouble by the second. Deep down Malessica had a hard time, trying to figure out how she’d break the news down to her
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