Malpractice Insurance

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Further damages include loss of function and deformity to some of the patient’s digit, rendering her unable to pursue her career as a musical conductor. In order for a malpractice claim to be valid, one of the four elements mentioned earlier has to be proven (Westrick, 2014). The main task by the courts is to determine if the breach of duty the cause of the damages (Walker, 2011). Insurance issues According to case 1, Betty the nurse supervisor and Dr. William, the plastic surgeon were the only ones who have insurance and hospital has a malpractice insurance. In terms of insurance issue, if the other staff RNs are found to be negligent and a malpractice claim against them were successful, they RNs involved will have to pay significant amount of money to defend themselves, although according to Westrick (2014), Many employers tell their employees they are covered for such claims by the employer’s insurance. This may be true under most circumstances, but …show more content…

In case 1 the issues in terms of risk managements were; RNs on the unit were not properly educated on chemo IV drug adverse effects, assessments, documentations and administrations; issues on new trial equipment’s, such as the IV machine loaner trial, documentations as well as proper training or inservice and short staffing issues and its risks to the patients and RNs. After the incident, risk assessments, should have address the short staffing issues that put the patients at risk and implementing a plan to where assistance should be provided to the short staff unit. Staff educations on the consequences of working the shift being exhausted. Chemo drug educations on administrations and side effects as well as documentations. Nursing Documentation and Mandatory

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