Mama Napoli's 'The Outsiders'

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People ask me who inspires me the most in the world and the ones that pop right into mind are my mother and Mrs. Napoli. Mama Naps is the only one who left a lasting impression in my life. She has done so much for other students including myself. She always goes out of her way to make sure her ‘kids’ are always flourishing. Mrs. Napoli, enhances higher levels of student achievements in her classroom in many different ways. In the beginning of my sophomore year, we had the chance to choose a book out of three selections she gave us. I chose “The Outsiders”, meanwhile in reading the book I got lost in the process. Napoli asked me several questions about the book and I had to answer them. If I didn't know the answer she would make me go back and reread a couple sections in the book and to look back at my study guides. She understood that I read a little slower than most students so being able to take the book home helped me out alot. At the end of reading the book I understood what the book was about because when I had to go back and reread because of Napoli, It allowed me to get a grip on what I was reading. Napoli had her creative ways on how she motivated us in …show more content…

She is like our other mother. Not only would she help us with things we weren't understanding but she was always tough on us as well. She treated us like we were her children. She never gave up on us no matter how irritated she got from us. She was tough on us because she saw great things in our futures. She saw how some of us were driven and whenever someone wanted to give up and walk away, she would look at them and tell them to sit down and keep giving their best because no child of hers was a quitter. In the end, that student was very happy with their accomplishments and proud of themselves because mama Napoli wouldn't let us walk away. I'm proud to call her the most amazing teacher but also a great

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