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Mammita’s Garden Cove In Mammita’s Garden Cove by Cyril Dabydeen, the author uses the literary techniques questions, tone, and flashbacks to convey the main characters view on place. Max believes that he will have better opportunities in Canada rather than in his home country. This short story details his views on his life at this point, and how he is doing in Canada. The prompt immediately begins with the question, “Where d’you come from?”. This tells the reader that Max is not from the current country or setting in which the story takes place. Throughout the passage, there is only three questions, the aforementioned one, another in the first paragraph, “How couldn’t it be?”, and another in the second paragraph, “Was it that…show more content…
He even finds himself wanting to laugh at his situation. After this, he goes into a reminiscing and even happy tone about what he thought life in Canada would be like. He states he used to dream of Canada and of the opportunities of a new life outside of his homeland. He recalled how he planned to get married, have children, begin a family with a house, maybe even a cottage on the edge of the city. Middle class was his goal, he’d provide for his family, a stark difference from the “hard-to-mouth” life he was used to. But then, all too quickly, this daydream is ripped from him as his feet pressed to asphalt, continuing his never ending search for a job. With each step, he finds his sense of revulsion increasing, and thus begins his doubts. He wonders if he was really happy on the island, happier than he even realized before reaching Canada. Again, reality tears him from his regrets and hopes and he knew he needed to find a job or he will starve. His tone quickly takes a sharp turn into humorous denial, perhaps another past thought of what he thought life in Canada would be like; “No one starved in Canada; that only happened in such places as India or Africa. But definitely not Canada!” For a third time, the reality of his starving, growling stomach brings him back to his current, unfortunate situation, in which he becomes slightly panicked at the prospect of actually not getting a meal that night. He suddenly feels out of place,

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