Man In The Cloud Case Study

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Organizations that move their data to the cloud will feel like they are losing control of their data since it is shifted to the cloud provider’s servers. There are issues that need to be addressed prior to an organization moving their data to the cloud, such as setting up a specific backup process and the steps taken to ensure the data is private and secure as well as the geographic location of where the data is going. Moving to the cloud also means that the service provider could have some degree of access to the data (Waterford Technologies, 2016). By the cloud provider having any access to organizational data means there is a potential privacy risk.
It does not matter where data is stored, the permanent loss of data is a major concern. …show more content…

Storing data on a cloud service may mean the organization must comply with other regulations as the data could be physically stored in another country or even several countries (Waterford Technologies, 2016). When it comes to organizational data that resides in the cloud in multiple countries the risk management team must do the following; identify what the potential risk will be, analyze the identified risks, evaluate the acceptance level of the identified risk, mitigate the risks starting from the highest level down to the lowest, and finally they must monitor the risks (Kloosterman, 2016).
The upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which will be in effect starting in May 2018 will enforce Data Protection legislation and have widespread consequences for businesses found to be in breach of Data Protection (Nadeau, 2017). Risk management teams must be aware of the laws that govern data privacy not just in the United States but any country the organization stores its data in.
Even with the advancement in technology, remote employee security has become a larger threat to organizational data. The systems in use are decentralized. This creates a situation where the organizational data needs more protection, the threat posed to the organizations data by an employee

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